With the influx of android phones in the market, it is easier to use any free spy sms software that can help give you peace of mind when monitoring various cell phone activities. These spy software that also has gps tracking can be used to gain access to numerous smartphone activities of spouses, children, any member of the family and even your employees.

cell phone spy software android

How It Works.

The free spy software is easy to use and requires no physical handling of the monitored phone. Everything is done remotely and activities are all sent to a secured server where an account is set up for you for easier access to data. Unlike the spyware apps decades ago where you have to run an app inside the phone, the new generation of spy software today are more sophisticated, yet easier to use.

The app stealthily monitors and tracks all incoming and outgoing sms, text messages, mms, calls and also does gps tracking. Its comprehensive coverage ensures that you get the full detailed activities of persons that you want monitored. It’s a necessity to make sure that you get full knowledge of any activity safely and secretly.

You can remotely access even MMS multimedia messages such as photos that are received and sent. Logs of phone calls that indicate the name, length of call and number are also included. Some of the features also include GPS location that can be viewed on a map and web browsing activities, including history and websites that are frequently visited. All information can be viewed remotely on any web browser in any platform of your choosing. It’s a powerful tool to have and very useful.

Works for Android Phones.

android operating system for smartphones

The spy software is compatible with a wide range of Android phones such as the following:

  • Samsung – The undisputed leader in the Android market has an impressive range of models that are still compatible with the spy sms software. Whether the monitored person has the latest model of the phone, the app will still do its magic.
  • Motorola – The pricey phone is no match for the spy software. Be assured that gps tracking, monitoring and call logs can still be accessed by the app.
  • HTC – Touted as a businessman’s favorite, sms logs, call tracking as well as emails can be monitored by the software.
  • LG – A favorite handset for power users, MMS multimedia messages as well as web browsing history, among its stellar features are adequately monitored by the app.
  • Sony – Synonymous with quality and sophistication, Sony’s wide range of cell phone models still makes it a popular choice. You can secretly monitor any user of this phone using the spyware.
  • Google – The powerful spy software even outsmarts any Nexus phone so be assured that you will be able to get call, sms and email logs, among others.
  • Huawei – Even with the newer phones in the market like Huawei, the app’s sophisticated and modern features will enable stealth monitoring on all of its devices.
  • Alcatel – The entry of Alcatel in the android market with larger screens and affordable prices makes the phone suitable for a wide variety of tasks. The spy software effectively does the job of monitoring text messages, even on various Messenger platforms such as Yahoo Messenger, FB Messenger or Tango.
  • Asus – Long known for its PCs, the excellent smartphones that came out from this brand boasts of low-light cameras and longer battery life. The spyware can effectively do sms tracking, gps tracking as well as monitor all inbound and outbound calls regardless of phone models.
  • OnePlus – The new OnePlus entered the international scene and is making waves for its impressive specs and affordable price. Even with the new android brand, the spyware still works and can do various monitoring activities in stealth mode that you can access in the comfort of your own PC or smartphone.

The numerous models of Android phones in the market make it a great tool not only for calling or texting but for various activities. Taking photos, emailing, using social media, browsing, and sending files via MMS are impressive tasks that can be done by many users.


The use of the spy software is necessary to monitor all activities on any Android phones. Its stealth monitoring and outputs that you can access in any browser are just one of the remarkable features that save you the cost of hiring an expensive private investigator. With powerful features such as MMS tracking, sms tracking, gps tracking and call logging, it’s a wonderful app to have at your command.