You don’t have to be James Bond or any other top sleuth to use a spy sms and text messages app. The latest apps that can monitor and log text messages in stealth mode are plentiful in the market today. For numerous reasons, these apps provide the user with a peace of mind knowing that they can monitor their spouse, children, or their employee’s phone.  There are a couple of spy sms and text messages programs that can do the job well.

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What These Apps Do.

Most of these spy sms and text messages apps can be used with any existing smartphones and includes iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. Most users can subscribe to a particular service that can instantly monitor multiple devices using a single account; a must for companies and households.

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Easily installed and operating in stealth mode, these apps can do the following:

  • Capture a phone’s sms activities and relates this to a secured server.

The online server ensures that the text messages are captured in real time and can be accessed exclusively by the subscriber anytime, or anyplace in the world. One feature called spy sms tracking can record each text messages that are either received or sent from a monitored cellular phone.  Even when these are deleted, the spy apps quickly capture every message. The level of accuracy and reliability of these spy sms and text messages apps are indeed remarkable.

  • GPS tracking.

These apps also employ GPS tracking so that the exact location of the device can be pinpointed using GPS coordinates that are clearly displayed on a map. This is an awesome feature if monitoring the employees and family members to see if they are telling the truth when they text their whereabouts to you.

  • Instant Messenger tracking.

These apps can spy on most instant messenger applications such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, FB Messenger or Tango. Every conversation, every file uploaded or any activity is captured and recorded by the spy app. Important features like specific sms commands can be enabled to turn on, turn off or wipe the mobile device clean in a remote location so there can be no traces that a spyware exist.

  • Photo and Video Logging

This important feature makes it possible to record any photo or video taken by the phone and sends it to a secure server where it can be viewed by the subscriber.

  • Social Network Monitoring

These spy sms and text messages apps can also monitor social network programs such as Twitter and Facebook. Nothing is hidden from these spy apps, their accuracy are remarkable.

  • Web Activity Logging

Every website that is visited using the monitored cellphone is captured and uploaded in the secured server for easy monitoring. Snapshots of the visited website, the frequency of the visits, including the URL are recorded.

  • Call logging

Outgoing and incoming calls that has been made on the monitored phone are recorded. Telephone numbers are also recorded; promptly sent to a secured server.

Benefits of the Spy Apps.

Minimal input from the subscriber is required to begin monitoring any phone or tablet so even a non-technical person can easily use the app. It is simple and straightforward to use and does not require any additional skill at all. There is no need for you to install any software on the monitored phone, everything is discreetly done remotely.

Each subscriber of these spy sms and text messages apps have their own secured user account where results can be easily accessed 24/7, in real time, anytime and everywhere. The ease of use of these apps is guaranteed so that a subscriber can navigate smoothly through the tons of information that will be available once the spy apps start functioning.


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The spy sms and text messages apps are wonderful tools to monitor activities of:

  • Children – With the threat of online predators today, have the peace of mind to monitor your children’s online activities including text messages that can save their life.
  • Spouse – There’s no need to employ private and costly investigators to do the sleuthing job. With the spy apps, you can do it yourself.
  • Employees – A great way to monitor their whereabouts and activities during work to ensure high productivity in the workplace.

The spy sms and text messages apps have the ability to monitor all activities that can give you fast results and peace of mind. Its outstanding features make the app a remarkable tool to use and do not require any additional skills on the part of the user. It is also inexpensive, as well.