General questions

1. What is 6spy?

6spy is a free mobile spy software for cell phones and tablets who allows you to remotely monitor on someone’s mobile device activities.

2. What is needed to get started?

You need to have the mobile phone that you want to spy in your hand to start the installation.

3. Is 6spy easy to install?

Yes. Install it on the phone you want to spy takes between 5-10 minutes. iPhone or iPad needs to be Jailbroken and Android phone or tablet needs to be rooted before installing 6spy.

3.1. Jailbreak softwares for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

3.2. Root software for Android phones and tablets:

4. Is it possible to remotely install 6spy?

No. 6spy can be only install manually on the phone you want to spy.

5. Is 6spy invisible?

Yes. 6spy software is completely hide on the phone you are monitoring. For iPhone or iPad, you have the option to hide Cydia icon on the main screen. For Android phones and tablets, you also can hide the rooted icon to not arouse suspicion.

6. Is my country supported?

6spy software works worldwide if the phone you are monitoring has a 3G/4G or Wifi internet connection.

7. How many phones I can spy at the same time?

With 6spy, you can spy unlimited mobile phones simultaneously. You need to install the spy software on each phone you want to track then configure the same email address to receive captured data.

8. Does someones can know that I spy a phone?

No. There no way to know that you are spying on someone’s cell phone. For more privacy, we recommend you to create a new email address only to receive your daily reports.

9. Is my data safe?

Yes. All captured data are sent directly from the phone you are monitoring into your mailbox and do not transit through a server. By this way, only you can read spied data or keep a copy of them.

Technical questions

1. Why I don’t receive captured data?

  • The spied phone or tablet needs to have a 3G/4G or Wifi internet connection to be allowed to send captured data to your mailbox.
  • An upgrade of the target phone system can delete the spy software. We recommend you to verify manually on the phone you are monitoring if the spy software is still installed.
  • If you have recently changed your password email account, you also need to change it in the spy software. Login again your email account in 6spy on the target phone to continue to receive data.

2. Why I cannot login my email address into the spy software?

You can receive captured data of the monitoring software only on a Gmail or Yahoo email address.

3. Why do I need to login with my true password email account?

By logging with your true email address and password, 6spy software can send captured data directly to your mailbox and not through a server.

4. What is the secret key?

The secret key allows you to open the spy software on the phone you are monitoring. By default, the secret key is 123456 but we recommend you to change it.