With 6spy software, remotely monitor one someone’s cell phone text messages. View secretly all sent, received or deleted messages conversations of your spouse, kid or employe. Know when and with who they are talking.

  • Read sent, received and deleted messages
  • View contacts details as names or phone numbers
  • Get time and date of each messages

Why you should spy text messages?

If you are looking for evidences or proofs, text messages included a significant number of informations who will help you to know the truth. It can also help you to monitor on your kid’s phone and protect him from dangerous relationships.

How can I start to spy on someone’s cell phone text messages?

Spy on text messages is now easy. You only need to have in your hand the phone you want to monitor and install 6spy software on it. It takes a few minutes to process the installation and it’s totally invisible.


  • Apple mobile devices running on iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9
  • Android mobile devices running on Android 4 and Android 5

Other features