The world today has become more accessible and open than it has ever been before. Globalization has made a large multitude of opinions, viewpoints and activities accessible to everyone. The digital media and social networking websites are also contributing to this openness, by providing people unlimited access to a large number of people and contents. Some of these contents and people might be unsolicited and harmful.

In such a scenario it is quite natural for parents to worry about their children, especially when they reach their teenage years. You might want to monitor their activities, track the places they go to and the spy on the kind of people they keep company with. A possible solution to this is to track the mobile activities of your kids. Well this task has become incredibly easy now with a free cell phone tracker software that is provided by 6spy.

Free iphone spy software
This software is one of the best mobile spy software that is being offered in the market today. It is designed especially to work seamlessly on iPhone. However, it is also compatible on the Android platforms as well. This spy software simply needs to be installed onto the cell phone or any other mobile device being used by a person whose activities are to be tracked. This spy software for cell phone remains completely unnoticed and invisible on the installed device and the user of that device cannot guess that his or her activities are being monitored. This software uses the GPS system present in the mobile devices for cell phone tracking and sends a record of all the activities discreetly to the registered email address.

The 6spy iPhone mobile spy software offers to its customers the most comprehensive package of services for free. It allows to spy on cell phones for free by monitoring and tracking of telephone calls, recording of SMS (including a log of even those SMS which are deleted and no longer exist on the mobile phone device), spying and monitoring the social media activity of the cell phone user, for example, this spy software records and maintains a log of the chats that were performed on applications like Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook etc., and finally it also provides a unique location tracking facility to its customers. Through the location tracking facility the 6spy cell phone tracker monitors and records all the places visited by the user of the mobile instrument and sends a detailed record to the customer. The format of this report is also quite unique, as 6spy mobile tracking software presents the location tracking report in the form of a map, highlighting all the places visited by the user.

This mobile spy software is also extremely useful in organizational setups, where as an employer you would want to monitor the interaction of your employees with the organizational resources. There are two major features of this software provided by 6spy, which makes is very useful for the companies. First, this cell phone tracking software can be downloaded for free, without any limits and therefore the company does not have to bear any additional cost. Second, this software supports multi-user scenario. Therefore, mobile monitoring logs and cell phone spy reports from multiple devices can be easily sent to a single customer in a highly organized and systematic manner, which makes it incredibly easy for the customer to manage all the information received.

This mobile tracking software has one more essential feature. It is highly safe and secure and ensures that your data is maintained in a safe manner. The reason for this is that 6spy mobile spy software does not use any server or any other location to store the data of the person whose mobile device you are spying. Instead, this cell phone tracker sends the identified activity directly to the designated customer, without channeling it through any intermediate storage. Hence your data is absolutely safe and secure.

The free mobile spy software provided by 6spy is thus a complete package for all the tracking needs that you might have. It has all the relevant features, it is easy to install and operate, it is also quite discreet and remains invisible on the installed device and finally, it is free of cost.