Easily control and track on someone’s cell phone locations for free. Every day, receive in your mailbox an history of visited places, including time and address with our free tracking software for mobile and tablet.

  • View locations on map
  • Get location latitude and longitude details
  • Track locations time and address

Why I should track on someone’s GPS locations?

Spy on someone GPS locations can reveal many secrets. Is that your employe are currently working? Is that your kid at home? By tracking their phone’s GPS locations, you can spy on their daily activities without their knowing.

How to start tracking someone’s cell phone for free?

Install the free invisible spy software 6spy on the phone you want to track in a few minutes and start receive secretly a daily report of your spouse, kid or employe GPS locations history into your mailbox.


  • Apple mobile devices running on iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9
  • Android mobile devices running on Android 4 and Android 5

Other features