Do you think that your children are not keeping in good company and worried that they might unknowingly get involved in any activity that might get them in trouble? Are you worried that your employees are misusing the company’s resources or are using the company’s time and money for their personal illegal activities? Or do you ever worry about the whereabouts or safety of your teenager kids, the kind of places they visit, the kind of friends they have or the kind of information that they access online or digitally? These are some of the common issues that parents and employers face today. If you have ever seriously thought about any of the three problems mentioned above, then thanks to the advancements in the digital technology, there is an easy solution. Using a GPS based Cell Phone Tracker to spy on the mobile devices used by your children or employees.

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While there are many cell phone tracking or mobile spy software available online, the spy software provided by 6spy is one of best available in the market. This is a highly sophisticated spy software that enables you to track all the digital activity that is performed on not just the cell phones, but also on the other mobile devices that are used by the people who you want to spy upon.

This tracking software used the GPS technology for tracking and is also available free of cost. It is extremely easy to use and can be very easily downloaded onto the mobile device of the person who is to be spied upon.

There are a number of services that the 6spy mobile spy software offers to its users. Firstly, it offers free cell phone tracking through which you can get a complete call log of all the calls and thus, all the sim card related activities like calling, call receiving and receiving missed calls on the cell phone can be easily monitored. Secondly, this free cell phone tracking software provides an option to monitor and spy over all the SMS that are sent through the mobile phone.

One particular feature that makes this mobile spy software truly unique is its ability to monitor and record even those SMS which are deleted from the mobile phone. Thirdly, this mobile spy software offers yet another unique feature in terms of its GPS based location tracking. Through this facility, you can track and get a location map of all the places that the person using the cell phone or any other mobile device has visited throughout a defined period of time.

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This makes it very easy to monitor the activities of the person using the device and makes the spying quite efficient. Fourthly, the spy software from 6spy also has the capability to keep a track of any conversations that take place through the social media channels as well. In other words, the 6spy mobile tracking software can also keep a record of the conversations that take place on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and various other media for digital communication. This feature makes it useful even for tracking mobile devices like tablets as well and not just remaining limited to spying cell phone. The final and perhaps the most relevant feature of this cell phone tracking software is its ability to remain discreet and invisible.

Free cell phone GPS tracker

As it is already mentioned above, this spy software can be downloaded for free into the device of the person whose activities you want to track and monitor. After being installed on the desired device, this spy software remains completely invisible to its users and they do not get any suspicions about the tracking of their mobile phone. This is one of the major features of this software and it helps massively in setting it apart from the other mobile spying software which are available in the market.

Free cell phone GPS tracker mobile

The 6spy cell phone tracker is extremely easy to install, operate and use. Moreover, it works with multiple mobile devices as well. For example, if you want to spy on multiple employees, or your children use more than one cell phones or tablets and you want to monitor their activities on all the devices, the mobile tracking software from 6spy makes it quite easy for it to be managed.

The software is suitable for both iOS and Android platforms and works effectively on both.